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A free tool for developers. Allows you to clone entire projects with a single command.

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About the project

Gitcontexts it was a platform that allowed you to configure complete project environments and then clone them with a single command.

Reason for its development

In one of my current jobs as a team leader, it happened that every time a new person joined the team, despite using Docker, it took them a long time to set up the environments on their computer.

So, it occurred to me to create this tool that would divert that time to other important aspects, such as starting to study and understand the projects.

Initially, the idea arose for the environment in which I worked as a technical leader. But then, I decided to invest more time and make this tool for public use and free.

Current status

Currently, for financing reasons, I decided to stop hosting this project on the internet because it was expensive for me to host it and there was no justifiable use for having to pay monthly for hosting, database, domain, etc.

Future status

I am interested and eager to publish this tool again. Maybe by contacting influencers in the development area, I can get more people to use the tool and maybe get financing so I don’t have to invest out of my pocket.